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PC0781 - Senco A20 Palm Nailer

MSRP: $99.99
Price: $92.53
You Save: $7.46 (7 %)
Item Number: PC0781
Manufacturer: Senco
PC0781 - Senco A20 Palm Nailer
Q: What is a palm nailer, and how do they work?
A: Think of the palm nailer like a tiny jackhammer that is striking the nail so rapidly so the nail is easily driven with some subtle down-pressure of your hand. When you stop pushing it down, it stops driving the nail. When you place the driving tip of a palm nailer onto a nail head, the driving cycle of the tool begins. Lifting the tool away, it stops.
The commonly heard comment regarding palm nailers is, "This tool lets me hand push nails into the wood."
It's an outstanding tool for driving nails into those hard-to-reach places where it's tough to position a nailing tool, or swing a hammer.
The installation of joist hangars, seismic straps, hurricane straps, are popular applications for palm nailers.
The tool comes ready to do 6d-16d nails, and yes, there are optional tips to go as large as 70d nails.

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