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Simpson LUS28-2SS Stainless Steel Light Girder/joist/truss Hanger

MSRP: $14.99
Price: $12.43
You Save: $2.56 (17 %)
Item Number: LUS28-2SS
Manufacturer: Simpson Strong-tie
Manufacturer Part No: LUS28SS
Simpson LUS28-2SS Stainless Steel Light Girder/joist/truss Hanger
All hangers in this series have double shear nailing - an innovation that distributes the load through two points on each joist nail for greater strength. This allows for fewer nails, faster installation, and the use of all common nails for the same connection.

Double shear hangers range from the light capacity LUS hangers to the highest capacity HGUS hangers. For medium load truss applications, the MUS offers a lower cost alternative and easier installation than the HUS or THA hangers, while providing greater load capacity and bearing than the LUS.

Material: See tables below and face mount hanger tables for plated truss.

Finish: Galvanized. Some products available in stainless steel or ZMAX coating; see Corrosion Information.


  • Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes.
  • Nails must be driven at an angle through the joist or truss into the header to achieve the table loads.
  • Not designed for welded or nailer applications.


  • LUS and MUS hangers cannot be modified.
  • HUS hangers available with the header flanges turned in for 2-2x (3 1/8") and 4x only, with no load reduction. See HUSC Concealed Flange illustration below.
  • Concealed flanges are not available for HGUS and HHUS.
  • See Hanger Options, for sloped and/or skewed HHUS models.
  • Other sizes available; consult your Simpson Strong-Tie representative.


  1. See Face Mount Hangers Load Tables for Plated Truss for allowable loads.

Table Table

  1. Uplift loads have been increased 60% for wind or earthquake loading with no further increase allowed. For normal loading applications such as cantilever construction refer to Simpson Strong-Tie Connector Selector software or conservatively divide the uplift load by 1.6.
  2. Wind (160) is a download rating.
  3. Minimum heel height shown is required to achieve full table loads. For less than minimum heel height, see technical bulletin T-REDHEEL.
  4. Truss chord cross-grain tension may limit allowable loads in accordance with ANSI/TPI 1-2007. Simpson Strong-Tie Connector Selector software includes the ANSI/TPI evaluation in its hanger allowable loads. For additional information, contact Simpson Strong-Tie.
  5. Loads shown are based on minimum of 2-ply 2x carrying member. With 3x carrying members, use 16dx2 1/2" nails into the header and 16d commons into the joist with no load reduction. With single 2x carrying members, use 10dx1 1/2" nails into the header and 10d commons into the joist, and reduce the load to 0.64 of the table value.
  6. NAILS: 16d = 0.162" dia. x 3 1/2" long. See other nail sizes and information.

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