Deck-Drive DHPD HARDWOOD Screw

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$27.27 - $266.73


The Deck-Drive DHPD Hardwood screw is specially designed to penetrate the hardest wood and wood-based products with ease. With its unique paddle-style drill point, it virtually eliminates splitting without predrilling. The wings on the shaft counterbore hard material, allowing the head to countersink easily for a clean, finished look. Available in Type 305 stainless steel for additional corrosion protection.

Key Features

  • Penetrate the hardest wood products without predrilling
  • Compact head ensures a low-profile installation and reduced visibility
  • Wings on the shaft counter-bore hard material and allow the head to countersink for a clean look
  • Driver bit included in each package
  • #2 square drive (replacement bit model BIT2S-2)


  • Hardwood decking, docks and boardwalks


Extra Information

Simpson Strong-Tie
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